Frequently Asked Questions

Q: Can I have my lobsters delivered on a day other than Thursday?

A: Sorry, no. The delivery date calendar is up-to-date and with FedEx Covid restrictions still in place, we can only offer Thursday delivery at this time.

Q: Are lobsters Wild & Organic?

A: Yes. Lobsters are trapped and harvested in the wild.

Q: Can I get lobster bibs, fork, cracker etc?

A: Yes! Our lobster Accessories are here.

Q: When should I cook my lobsters?

A: To ensure the best-tasting lobster, we recommend cooking your lobsters immediately, as they are the freshest when they first arrive.

Q: Can I store lobsters overnight?

A: As noted, we recommend cooking your lobster as soon as they arrive. If, however, you choose to store them overnight, here are some tips:

Don’t open the box: We package our lobsters very carefully using frozen gel packs and foam that has been soaked in salt water. Opening the box prior to cooking them simply lets out the cold air and moisture that is keeping them alive. Handle the box of lobsters as if were a carton of eggs and ensure that is it always right side up.

Refrigerate your lobsters: If possible, place the box containing the lobster in the refrigerator immediately upon arrival. If box is too big for the refrigerator, a cool place between 2°C and 5°C will be sufficient. Be aware, lobster weaken rapidly and die when exposed to warm or freezing temperatures, so do not place them on ice. And never immerse live lobsters in fresh water.

Plan on cooking your lobster the next day: Keeping lobster in the refrigerator or a cool place will provide a cold enough environment overnight. Again, it is highly recommended you cook and eat your lobsters as soon as they arrive, but they should keep nicely for a day if you store them as outlined above. Cooked lobster keeps beautifully in the refrigerator for several days.

Q: How do I cook lobsters?

We recommend steaming. See our How To Cook page for directions on steaming, boiling, and other recipes.

Q: Can I order a specific number of lobsters (not by weight)?

A: Yes, you MUST indicate in the notes how many you need.

Q: Can I order special sized lobster?

A: Generally, our lobsters range between 1.25lbs and 1.5lbs each. If you need a specific size or quantity of lobsters, please contact us. We do not guarantee specific sizes, but we always do our best to accommodate customer requests.

Q: What time can I expect my order to arrive?

A: To ensure the freshness of your lobster order, we ship the morning before the scheduled delivery date. Delivery times vary depending on where your order is being shipped. FedEx always guarantees delivery by 5 p.m. on the delivery date, however, your order may arrive earlier depending on the location.

Q: Can I pick up my lobster order at a FedEx location?

A: When you place your order for lobster from Your Lobster Pot, the final destination for your order is typically your doorstep. However, if you wish to ship and pick up your order from a FedEx location at an airport, the lobsters are typically ready for pick up by 12 p.m. or earlier. Click here for a list of FedEx pick up locations.

Q: Can I use my own FedEx account?

A: If you have your own FedEx account, you can use it to order lobster. There is, however, a $25 handling fee for using your own account. Please contact us for more details.

Q: How are lobsters packaged for shipment?

A: Each and every order is packaged to ensure that your lobsters arrive alive and fresh. To start, we place a dry sheet of foam in the bottom of a durable, heavy duty Styrofoam box for added protection. Your order of fresh lobster is then placed gently on the pad. To keep moisture in the box, the lobster is covered with a second foam sheet that has been dipped in sea water. Frozen gel packs are then placed on top to maintain a cool temperature for the lobster’s journey. The cover of the Styrofoam box, containing breathing holes, is placed on top. The entire box is secured in a cardboard box and clearly marked ‘LIVE LOBSTER’.