Our Story

Andre and I have spent our lives next to the sea. From the fun of going to the beach to the hard work of lobster fishing off the coast of Nova Scotia, the ocean is a part of who we are. Our family and our business have relied on the sea for our livelihood. Growing up in Sou’west Nova Scotia, fishing for lobster has been a family tradition for over a century. Years go by, but the thrill of catching lobsters remains. Now, with two twin sons of our own, we know they will appreciate the sea and all it has to offer.

At Your Lobster Pot, we want you to experience what we have always enjoyed: The freshest, best tasting lobster caught in an ecologically sustainable way by Andre, a local Nova Scotian fisherman. We want the rest of Canada to experience what we sometimes take for granted.

We hope you’ll love our lobster for your business party, special occasion or special treat. From Andre and our family – from our pot to yours – enjoy!

Sincerely,  Andre, Sarah and the twins

Our Ocean

Lobster fishing in Nova Scotia is a highly regulated industry. Sustainability and conservation are the two primary goals, through rigorous scientific monitoring. At Your Lobster Pot, we guarantee the release of egg-bearing female lobsters, non-adult lobsters and compliance with all other federal fisheries regulations. We do everything we can to ensure the sustainability of our lobster stocks and the environment so you can enjoy healthy, live Nova Scotia lobsters for years to come.

From Catch to Table

At Your Lobster Pot, there is no middle man. When you order lobster, you can be assured you’re buying lobster directly from Andre – the fisherman who caught them. We carefully select each lobster and gently package it for delivery to your table, so you know you’re getting the very best.

Fresh, Live, Delicious

Our lobsters – Homarus Americanus – are cold water, hard-shelled lobsters, straight from the Atlantic Ocean. Our home – Barrington, Nova Scotia – is known as ‘The Lobster Capital of Canada’, due to the high reputation and value of the lobster industry in our area. Our fishing District, LFA 34, is recognized as the richest lobster fishing grounds and best tasting lobster in the world.